Ballroom's Review

     I am not very experienced in receiving CP but it's been a deep rooted desire for a long time.  After some considerable searching, and a few hit and misses, I found Lady Pandora, liked what I saw on her website, read her carefully thought out and informative '12 Steps', and finally made up my mind to pay her a visit.


     I was keen to have a domestic discipline session, so after exchanging a few emails on the kind of role play I was looking for, we agreed on a scenario and, soon after, I was on my way to Lady Pandora's lair.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, the perfect weather for a naked spanking.  Lady Pandora was most welcoming.  A good start, I thought.


     Over a nice cup of tea we got to know each other better while we chatted about CP and the session to come.  Lady Pandora then showed me round her playroom and chose the implements with which I was going to be punished.  Up to this point I had very much been looking forward to our session.  It was, after all, something I really wanted.  But now, when the moment of truth arrived, and I could see the instruments of pain arrayed before me, even having tried a few out on my hand, I have to admit I was starting to have doubts.  Lady Pandora, however, was all smiles and friendliness, putting me at my ease as she led me back into the sitting room where the punishment was set to unfold.


     And punishment it certainly was!  Lady Pandora may like to 'play' but this play was very real.  Care and consideration she certainly displayed but this was not discipline with a light touch.  Yes, she didn't go at me with full strength, mindful that this was my first time with her, but Jeez!! did it hurt and ouch!! did I wince and groan.  Gradually building up from the initial (hard) hand spanking to a variety of implements including slippers, straps, hairbrush (wow!) and finally cane (oooo!!), every smack, wack, and thwack most skillfully and painfully hit its target.  Oh my poor defenceless, naked bottom!  Can't blame the spanker though - I deserved every bit of it.


     But then, as if by magic, after each series of blows I endured, she smoothed the pain away with gentle caresses.  Who would have thought such a stinging hand could have been so cooling?  Then once more the assault continued.  As painful as each blow was though, at no time did I feel I was in danger, such was my trust in Lady Pandora.  Although she eschews safewords, the Lady is in no way a sadist, pausing several times to ensure I was all right.


     That's not to say she wasn't enjoying herself though!  I loved the way she laughed and giggled at my predicament.  Lady Pandora was totally into what she was doing, so I knew I was getting the real thing.   Actually, the hardness of the blows told me that too.  In fact I wouldn't be surprised if she gets far more out of CP than her hapless victims.  By the end of the session my white bottom (a very spankable one, she assured me) was arrayed in the same gorgeous reds, purples and blues of the flowers I brought her when I arrived.


     This was my first really serious, no nonsense, CP experience.  I was impressed by how hard Lady Pandora delivers and also by how much I was able to take.  Both of these are testimony to her experience as a disciplinarian.  Lady Pandora took me beyond my perceived limits to where she knew, and I knew, I needed to go.  I was most grateful for it.  And still am.


     When the session was over we chatted over tea and Jaffa cakes about all sorts of interesting things including our mutual interest in chocolate (I will be sending Lady Pandora a little book I've written about chocolates, which I hope she will enjoy).  Then, after another lovely hug, we said our goodbyes and I was on my way back to the office.


     A few days later, as I write this review, I'm still thinking about that session and how good it was.  I want to rush back for more of the same but Lady Pandora, caring soul that she is, knows that too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing.  So I'll have to wait till the bruising has healed before returning.  A visit I am already looking forward to.