Punishment Sessions

     There are many reasons why people require Punishments sessions, for example:

  • You may need to atone for a specific transgression - past or present - that is holding you back or bothering you, e.g. a past infidelity or not having been  punished or paid the price for  something you have done.
  • You may be building up to a Full Judicial session in the future.
  • You may be considering a Bespoke Programme and wish to know what the Punishment will feel like should you fail to keep to our Agreement.
  • You may simply want or need to play at a higher level.

     Whatever your reason, this will comprise of a cold caning (or other implement) of at least 24 strokes.  All strokes will be delivered at a severe level and, of course, there is no safe word.


     You will be restrained for your Punishment - this is not negotiable.
     Whatever the number of strokes we have agreed – or I have decreed - beforehand, they will be carried out in their entirety.

     We will of course begin the session with a discussion of your transgressions and you will be called to account in no uncertain terms!  Your punishment will then be carried out in full.  I will coach you on your breathing and do everything I can to help you get through your punishment ... but get through it you will!