Preliminary Session

     I had been looking for someone who could deliver a judicial style slippering for some time but without success.  Then I came across Lady Pandora and something inside me clicked.  I knew there and then that I’d found the right person.  I e-mailed her and she said she although she would be more that happy to administer a judicial, she did not like doing so on a first meet and that she would much prefer a normal session first.  I realised that she was correct and I booked a non-judicial appointment which would include hand-spanking, slippering and caning.


     On the day I arrived at the appointed time (whatever you do don’t be late!) and Lady Pandora invited me in.  She is not the tallest person but don’t let this make you think that she’s not capable of delivering a good session.  She made us a drink and we chatted for a while, getting to know each other.  After about an hour she asked me if I was ready to play.


     We moved to the playroom, Lady Pandora ordered me to remove my trousers and to lower myself over her knee, which I did and she commenced with hand spanking.  It was pretty intense but after only a few smacks she bared my bottom completely and carried on, then she said she was going to do it harder and upped the level.  It really stung and I was struggling.  Finally out came the slipper and the intensity increased yet again.


     After about a dozen whacks Lady Pandora said that we would be better off if I was bent over something, so she stopped.  To be honest I was grateful for the break as it had really stung but I knew that it was only going to get worse as there would be more room to take a swing.  I was given the choice of the spanking bench or the vaulting horse, I opted for the spanking bench and lowered myself over it.  It was about the right height for delivering a good whacking and Lady Pandora proceeded to deliver a few dozen hefty blows with various slippers on my bare bottom and tops of my thighs.  She kept telling me to breathe slowly but I was too busy concentrating on not letting go to think about how I was breathing.  In a way this was a distraction as I was concentrating more on not letting go than the slippering.  I was holding my breath and not breathing slowly and, as a result, I did come very close asking Lady Pandora to restrain me.  But before I did, Lady Pandora decided that I’d had enough slippering and she went back to hand spanking.


     She may have small hands but she certainly know how to use them and I was soon stinging again.  Then she stopped and asked me if I thought that the cane should hurt?  What a question to ask when you already have a smarting rear!  I resisted the temptation to say ‘no’ but I couldn’t bring myself to say yes either so I mumbled something like “it’s not worth doing if it doesn’t” and braced myself.


     The caning was not what I expected either - I felt a few taps and expected a ‘whack’ any moment.  Instead I received about ten hard taps, then a whack.  This continued for a while then switched sides and did the same again. Finally Lady Pandora stopped and said she though that I had had sufficient as any more would probably break the skin and that I had done well to have taken twelve.  I took her word for it as had been too engrossed to count.


     I stood up and was asked if I’d had enough and that I could have more if I wanted, but I believed what she said and replied that I’d had enough.  We hugged, indicating the session was over and returned to the living room for more tea and a chat for about an hour.  Lady Pandora said that following the session, if I was still interested in receiving a judicial slippering that she thought that I could take it.  We chatted for about an hour before we hugged again and I left.


     I was very happy with the service I received as I got what I asked for and as Lady Pandora says in her e-mails, ‘be careful what you wish for’ as I can guarantee you will get it.  Unlike some Ladies she has no qualms about giving it hard either, although she did say that she wasn’t doing it at full force and I do believe her.


     Having got through this session my aim is to now go for a Judicial style slippering, which Lady Pandora has told me would be the natural next step, where I would be restrained and give up control and I have absolutely no doubt that Lady Pandora will deliver.


     I cannot rate Lady Pandora high enough and even though I live about 150 miles away it was well worth the journey.  If I had to choose one word to describe Lady Pandora I would say ‘Proficient’ as she certainly knows what she is doing and experience is everything.


     Even though you may want it hard, you will receive plenty of warnings and advice and precautions will be taken to avoid injury.  So if you’re after a good session where you don’t leave disappointed then contact Lady Pandora but be warned! ‘Do be careful what you wish for' as I can guarantee you will get it!!’


Lady Pandora says:

     LOL clearly Mark was more spaced than he realises!  I give strokes in sets of six from each side.  Whilst none of Mark's were extremely light, nor were they anywhere near full force - hard enough is hard enough.  But I have duly noted he considered many of them to be "taps" and will address this at our next meeting!

Judicial Slippering

     I had seen Lady Pandora before and she had delivered a good session and we had agreed that I was ready as I could ever be for the judicial-style slippering that I had been looking for and that I knew that I both needed and deserved.  I had been putting it off for several months but I knew that that the need for it wouldn’t go away and it was getting worse.  Then I read about Paul’s judicial on the ‘Sanctum’ and that was the moment that I decided that I could delay no longer and I finally e-mailed Lady P requesting an appointment.  I deliberately asked for a date a month ahead so that I would have a long build-up to handle before the day arrived.  Lady P e-mailed back a couple of days later agreeing to see me and requiring me to e-mail back accepting her terms, then she would e-mail me my summons, which I did.


     I waited nervously and sure enough a few days later I received my summons that required me to attend a judicial session to receive my punishment, but it did not specify the number that I was to receive; it just read that it would be however many she deemed to be sufficient and stated that I would be informed on the day following an assessment from Lady Pandora.  However, it did say that it would be both severe and in keeping with my crimes.  This made it even worse.  I had waited several days for my summons and when it finally arrived I opened it, bracing myself for the full horrors within only to discover that it didn’t contain an amount.  This left me in limbo which only added to my level of trepidation.


     Several times during the following weeks I was tempted to contact Lady P to ask her exactly how many I would receive but I knew that it would have only made things worse for me and she wouldn’t have told me anyway.  The summons also requiring me to confirm my attendance and even though I was now having second thoughts, I e-mailed back accepting the punishment and the terms that had been placed on me and confirmed that I would attend.


     I must admit that I went through a myriad of emotions as the days went by, which only intensified as it got closer until the day finally arrived.  I had a restless night the night before.  I must have woken up about ten times, checking the clock hoping that it wasn’t time yet but inevitably the time came.  I arose and tried not to think about it too much.  I was on auto-pilot as I got ready, I dressed smartly as I would do if I was attending court as I didn’t want Lady P to hold me in contempt for turning up dressed like a ‘scruffy oik’.  I then got in the car and set-off.


     It is quite a long drive for me.  I gave myself plenty of time as I was terrified of being late and giving Lady P an excuse to add to my punishment and to make matters worse, there were problems on the motorway.  However, despite my fears I arrived in time but it had been a stressful drive.


     As I was a bit early parked up in a nearby supermarket car park.  I was beginning to tense up with the thought of what was to come but I knew that I must comply as I had wanted this scenario for a long time and I would only regret it if I backed out now.  I waited as the clock ticked inevitably towards the time until it reached five minutes to go.  I then headed the short distance to Lady P’s house, where I waited until the last minute before taking a deep breath and knocking on the door.  A few seconds later Lady P opened it.  I entered, she welcomed me and asked me how I was.


     Lady P said that as it was a judicial, that it was normal that we go straight into it, which is what I was expecting, but she asked me if I want a cup of tea first.  This came as a surprise and I initially said that I would to go straight into it as this was what I had been expecting but the look that I received told me that she knew that I was too stressed out with my journey to get the full benefit.  So I agreed to have tea first which proved to be the correct decision.


     We chatted for about an hour and I calmed down from my long drive and I even reached a point when I forgot why I was actually there.  But then Lady P said that we had better get on with it if I was ready or as ready as I could ever be and we stood up.  She asked me if I wanted to use the bathroom first and I said that it would probably be a good idea.  There was an amusing anecdote here, which wasn’t funny at the time.  I was standing using the facilities and I noticed that a hairbrush had been placed in top of the cistern.  It was like a final reminder of what lay ahead.  Lady P said afterwards that it wasn’t deliberate, she just hadn’t put it back on the hook but it certainly had big impact on me.


     I left the bathroom and my nerves kicked in.  I tried to remain calm as we walked to the punishment room.  Lady P was talking but I was too engrossed to really hear her.  We entered the room and Lady P moved the spanking bench into position.  I just stood still there in silence, my mind was numb and I could feel myself physically shaking, which didn’t go unnoticed.


     Lady P went and stood behind the lectern, signalling for to stand in front of her and I did as I was bid.  She asked me why I was here.  As often happens when you are nervous, you smile involuntary.  Big mistake!  Lady P sternly asked if I thought that the whole thing was a joke.  I grimaced and sheepishly said no, it was nerves.  Lady P asked me again why I was there and I proceeded to confess my problems.  She then asked me whose fault it was that I was there and I had to confess that it was mine.  This point was reiterated several times until I was left with no doubt that the reason that I was there was mine and mine alone.


     This procedure actually helped to settle my nerves a bit.  I had no doubt that I totally deserved the punishment that I was to receive.  Lady P said that she was going to administer a severe slippering until she felt that I had atoned for my crimes but she still wouldn’t tell me how many.  But she did say that if I made too much of a fuss during the punishment or if I was ever in this situation again, I would receive the strap (I had mentioned during our chat that I would like to try it some time).  Lady P then ordered me to undress, confirming that I had already agreed to be naked.  I felt that this was necessary as it was all part of the total submission.  I undressed and waited.


     I had thought beforehand that this would be the key moment as I faced the spanking bench.  You can try to prepare for it, but the truth is you don’t really know until you face it how you will feel or react.  I’d had this fear of backing out at this point from the moment I first requested an appointment as I thought that this would be the moment that I gave up control.  The truth was, as I realised later, I was well past this point already, I had been in submissive mode for some time and any fear was overridden by me knowing that this had to happen.  There was never any chance of me backing out.  Lady P then ordered me over the spanking bench and I complied without hesitation.


     Lady P started to restrain me.  Having secured my legs, Lady P asked me if I wanted my arms restrained.  I said yes as I remembered the struggle I had holding on the last time.  Lady P said afterwards that she had deliberately not insisted that I be restrained the first time, so that it would be my decision to know that I needed restraining.  Lady P then restrained my arms, and then I felt the back restraint being put in place.  When this was done I knew that there was now no turning back and just for a fleeting moment, I had a sense of ‘what have I done’ and that I would not be able to take it.    But this was countered when I realised that I didn’t have any choice as I now couldn’t stop it and anyway the driving force that had had got me to this point was far too powerful for the thought to linger and it disappeared almost instantly.


     Lady P said that she would administer the slipper in batches of six and that it would be as many as she felt were necessary to achieve full atonement on my part.  I knew that I was completely at her mercy.  It was the first time in my life that I had ever been in this situation but I trusted her completely, as I had from when we had first met.


     Lady P. took up her position, I felt the slipper tap on my bottom, there was a pause.  I sensed the slipper being raised, this was it!  Then whack!  I felt the jolt and the a split second later the pain hit, I had never been slippered from cold before or that hard, it really stung and it continued to grow in intensity, even after the blow had landed.  I couldn’t help it, I gasped and I now understood why people receiving it from cold always followed the initial ouch with one or more aghh’s as the sting built up.  Lady P waited for the full effects to sink in before administering the second.  It landed on the other cheek and the sting hit me again.  The pain was really intense; it felt like the skin was being stripped from my buttocks.  The next four followed, each one causing me to gasp with the sting. Lady P finished the first six.  She said afterwards that she had deliberately started with a heavy one to ‘set the tone’ to leave me in no doubt that it was going to be a severe session.


     Following the first six I was tensed up and straining against my bonds.  Lady P told me to breathe slowly, I slowed down a bit but she told me to breath even slower which I did and this helped me to release the tension.  It was time for the next six with a different slipper, they arrived with the same spacing to allow for the full effects and for me to control my breathing.  Lady P than asked if I was OK I said that I was.  She then asked any part of me was uncomfortable, meaning the restraints, I said yes.  She asked me which part and I replied “my bottom”.  Lady P laughed and said that I had only receive twelve so far and that we still had a long way to go.  Not what I really wanted to hear.


     Lady P carried on administering six at a time with various slippers with the required gaps and reminders to breathe slowly.  It was really intense but it was good that I was restrained - as I told Lady P later, it meant that I didn’t have to struggle to hold on, holding my breath as I had to do on the first session and I therefore had no distractions.  It became totally surreal.  I was aware of nothing else except for the slippering and lady P’s voice.


     After quite a few more sets of six, Lady P said that I was doing well.  There was a kindness in her voice that really helped me get through it.  She then asked if I was sorry and did I feel that I had fully atoned.  I hesitated slightly before saying yes.  A dead giveaway. There’s no fooling Lady P as she then asked me if I really was sorry or was I, as she suspected, just saying that in the hope that she would stop.  My silence confirmed her suspicions and the punishment continued.  I was now totally ‘in the zone’ so to speak and nothing else mattered apart from my smarting rear and Lady P’s voice.


     On and on went the punishment, my bottom was really sore but I was coping.  At one point Lady P took a swing, the slipper connected but she dropped it and said ‘That wasn’t a very good one”.  It was from my perspective and I was praying that she wouldn’t add an extra one but she didn’t which came as a great relief at the time.  (We did have a laugh about it later though).  After a few more sets of six, Lady P said that I had done very well and that we had reached sixty.  I said “Yes, Mam” and she asked if I had been counting I said “No, Mam, I believe you”.  I hadn’t seen any point in keeping count as I didn’t know how many I was getting and anyway, I was too engrossed in the slippering to worry about counting.


     Lady P said that she had and that we were almost there.  This was the first time that I had any idea of the number that I was to receive and I felt good that I knew that I had now got through most of it.  


     Another two sets of six were administered and then Lady P said that the next batch would be the final six.  I felt both relieved and proud that I had not given Lady P any reason to add extra or to resort to the strap, but I knew that they would be hard ones.  I wasn’t disappointed, even after seventy-two they still really stung.  I was struggling after three, Lady P said three to go and proceeded to finish the set.


     I had done it, I had taken my full punishment I felt great as I lay there, but then a real bombshell - Lady P announced that she was going to give me two with the strap to let me know what I would receive if I was ever in that position again.  Despite my best efforts she had found an excuse to administer the strap.  I felt like screaming out ‘No! That’s not fair’ but I was too far into the submissive zone and the thought left me a split second after it had arrived, anyway I had no choice I had to accept it.  I waited, there was a pause then the strap crashed across my bottom, hitting both cheeks simultaneously. It was the shock as much as anything. I had never experienced anything like it before.  I gasped loudly as the pain set in and I tried to control my breathing.  Lady P then took up a position on the other side and waited for me to calm down.  Then again the strap landed only this time I knew what to expect and it wasn’t so bad without the initial shock, but it was still bad enough.


Lady P then said kindly that the punishment was over and that I had done very well to take it.  She began to undo the restraints, telling me to remain in position.  She said that I had received a total of eighty and had done very well, there was a genuine kindness in her voice. She looked me in the eyes and smiled and said that I was totally gone and that I should look at them in the mirror when I got up.  Then she placed a blanket over me and comforted me.


     After a couple of minutes I stood up slowly with the blanket around me and Lady P gave me a hug.  I suddenly felt as if a huge weight that had been hanging over me for years had finally been removed and I was filled with a deep affection for Lady P.  I dressed and hugged her again, thanking her profusely, I didn’t want to let go of her and at that point, I wanted to hug her forever.  I wanted her to know and appreciate just what she had done for me.  I knew deep down that I had needed this but I had not realised just how much.  This had been a life changing event for me.  I felt that Lady P knew what I needed more than I did and she had delivered it.  Lady P then told me to look at my eyes in the mirror and they were very starry.


     We retired to the living room for tea and a chat and we went back over the session.  Lady P said that she had decided on the number that she was going to administer beforehand but that she hadn’t told me I would receive eighty as I would probably not have accepted the summons.  I don’t know if I would have backed out.  I would like to think that I wouldn’t have as I felt that there was this irresistible force driving me to this moment and that I was always destined to end up receiving this type of punishment irrespective of the number.


    We were there for about hour as Lady P knew that I had to come down from my high before I drove home.  Finally though it was time to go, we hugged again and I continued to thank her as I wanted to her to really understand just how high my level of appreciation for her was.  Lady P said that I was still on a bit of a high and to make sure that I was concentrating when I drove home.  We hugged yet again and I finally left.


     Several days on I still have a feeling of a person with a huge weight lifted off of me that I had been carrying around for many years and people have subsequently commented on my happy persona.  I never thought that I would feel as liberated as I do now or the profound positive affect that it’s had on me.


     What of the future. I don’t know.  I have had sessions before but nothing like this.  This was by far the most intense, painful but most satisfying session that I have had and I don’t know how long it will last but I suspect that I will be back over the bench at some point in the future, even though I know that the strap will be waiting as well as the slippers.


     Finally I just want to thank lady Pandora again for having such a profound positive effect on my life.


Lady Pandora says:

     When Mark arrived it was obvious that he had wound himself up so tightly there was no way we could go straight into the session.  See how powerful the mind can be?  It almost does my work for me!


     When Mark started to smirk at the beginning of the session I gave him 'The Look' over my glasses and ensured I pulled his mindset to where it needed to be.  By impressing upon him the fact that this was, actually, all self-inflicted, enabled him to let go and give over full control.  I know much is written about how the submissive or the person paying for the session 'obviously' as ultimate control but when Domination is done 'right', that is not actually true, as Mark and many others will testify; they neither have nor want control and are happy to hand it all over to me for the duration.


     You will also hopefully know now why I fail to see the need for a safe word - I communicate throughout, no matter what sort of session, in order to be able to gauge how to proceed.  This, together with the body language, negates the need for a safe word, enabling the 'submissive' to get their head where it needs to be; to give up complete control knowing I will keep them safe and give them what they need.


     So does this issue of doing a Judicial Slippering now make more sense to you? I know it has been baflling some of you! I have also done Judicial Strappings using the Canadian Reformatory Straps and also Judicial Floggings a la Royal Navy with a knotted leather Cat o' Nine Tails on the back!

Second Judicial Slippering

     It has been just under a year since I had last sessioned with Lady Pandora when I had received a much needed and long overdue judicial slippering.


     The whole idea of a judicial is that it you never want to repeat it, so you make sure that you mend your ways and don’t re-offend.


     However, if you do relapse to such an extent that you require another judicial the consequences will be severe.  Especially if you have been warned both verbally and physically with a taster of what awaits if you do find yourself in the position of having to receive another judicial, then you are in no position to complain about the consequences.


     I found myself in this position recently through no one’s fault but my own.  I had been OK for about a year, the fear of what would await my if I should ever return was more than enough to ‘keep me honest’ but then slowly but surely my problems began to re-emerge.  I tried to ignore them but I was in denial.  This went on for several months, during which time the need got worse until I could deny it no longer.  I had to admit to the overwhelming truth - that that the only honest answer was to accept that I both needed and thoroughly deserved another judicial.  Even though I had accepted my situation it wasn’t easy for me to contact Lady P.


     It would seem that the threat of what awaited me was still having an effect, but I knew that I was lying to myself and I was getting more and more worked up as the conflict within me continued.  It became so bad that I felt I couldn’t breathe and I knew that I had to make a decision.  So I did what I have found helps me the best in these situations, which is to go for a long walk to clear my head.


     After a while I sat down in a quiet spot and looked at my predicament and I found that as with most seemingly difficult choices, if you are brutally honest with yourself, you have already made the decision but it’s the consequences of that decision that are the stumbling block.  I realised that, and despite knowing what lay ahead, I knew the only answer was to face the truth.  


     I returned home and e-mailed Lady P, throwing myself on her mercy and requesting a session on a Friday in the following month if possible to give me the weekend to make some sort of recovery and a time to ponder prior to the punishment.


     I received a reply from Lady P agreeing to see me and, knowing that one of my problems is that I continually put things off, she suggested that I didn’t delay and to make it the first Friday of the month.  Lady P also confirmed that she knew that I would be back at some point and was pleased that I had recognised and accepted my need for another session.  I was tempted to delay but I knew that it would not help with my procrastinating issues if I did and that Lady P would probably add extra if I delayed.  So I e-mailed back agreeing to the date offered.


     I had to wait a few days before my summons arrived and when it did, I opened it.  As before there wasn’t a specific number but it did say that it would be in keeping with my crimes and I knew that it would be more intense than the first judicial.  However, I did e-mail back accepting my punishment.


     I had a couple of weeks to wait and the first week went really slowly but once it got to under one week, the time flew by and the day was suddenly upon me.  It did help that having been through it once before, I knew what to expect.


     I slept better than I did the night prior to my inaugural Judicial and I felt OK when I awoke.  Once again I dressed smartly in a suit and tie as I would if I was attending court and set off.  I had decided that because of the distance and the stress that I went through with driving over 150 miles for my last visit, that this time I would catch the train.  Although Lady P's village no longer has a station, one is not far away and there is a bus every 20 minutes that stops at the end of the road to Lady P’s house.  This proved to be a good decision as I was able to relax (as well as I could do knowing what was ahead), which meant that I had time to get in the right frame of mind for when I arrived.


      Fortunately, there were no problems with the trains and although the bus was a bit late, I still managed to arrive on time.  The bus dropped me off and I walked the short distance to Lady P’s house.  This was a strange feeling as I walked along; it was if my subconscious had taken over my body and that no matter how much I tried to consciously avoid it, my subconscious was going to get me there.  I also looked at other people as I walked along and wondered if any of them had a clue as to where I was headed and why.


     I arrived, took a deep breath and knocked at the door.  Lady P answered it and told me to come in.  I didn’t know if we would go straight into it or, like the last time, have tea and a chat first.  Lady P offered tea and as I know that she knew best, I accepted.


     I was much calmer than I had been the first time and we chatted for a while but then inevitably the time arrived.  Lady P still hadn’t said how many I was getting but she did say that it would be more than the last time, which I was expecting.


     Lady P asked me if I would like to use the bathroom first.  I said yes and she gestured me in right direction.  I remembered the incident with the hairbrush from the last time when one had been inadvertently left on top of the cistern which had a profound effect on me as it was a reminder of what was to come and what do you know, Lady P had remembered as there was the hairbrush on top of the cistern.


     I finished using the bathroom and left.  I decided from that moment on I was going to do everything I was told to do without question or hesitation.  I was not going to speak unless I was spoken to and to end every answer with the word ‘Ma'am’.  Lady P said "OK?" and I replied “Yes mam” and Lady P smiled at my answer and said “Right this way” and I followed her to the punishment room.


     Lady P was carrying some implements that she was taking back from the house including a cane and as she turned she nearly inadvertently hit me in the eye with it.  Lady P apologised and I said “That would have been a good start” and we had a laugh, which did help to lightened the mood.


     We entered and Lady P bolted the door behind her.  There was the spanking bench already in position.  I stood and waited.  I had been here before and survived, so I knew deep down that I could get through it and feel much better for it.  I was very calm and was not to think about what was to come.  Looking back, it was as if I was keeping myself in check until the point of no return when it wouldn’t matter what I thought, said or did.


     Once again Lady P went and stood behind the lectern and instructed me to stand I front of her, which I did.  Lady P said “Well then!  Here you are again”.  I said “Yes mam”.  Lady P then said that obviously the first judicial wasn’t enough and confirmed that she would be increasing the punishment this time and that it was clear that a one off was not going to be enough for me and that I would require regular sessions of once or twice a year from now on.


     Lady P asked me why I was there.  At this point last time I had smiled inadvertently because of nerves and Lady P had not been impressed so this time I had told myself whatever you do, don’t smile, which I managed.  I openly admitted to my crimes and problems and as before Lady P asked whose fault it was that I was there and again I had to admit that it was mine and mine alone.  Lady P then asked me if I was now prepared to take my punishment for these offences, once again I replied “yes mam”.  Lady P then finished drafting out my punishment sheet and instructed me to sign it, which I did.


     Lady P Moved from behind the lectern and told me to undress, nodded towards a chair and said You can put your clothes on there”.  The strange thing is that I could have just said no at this point and left but this shows the power of properly executed domination, especially when you know that you fully deserve what’s to come, in that the thought of backing out never entered my head.  Also I realised later that I had absolute trust in Lady P as I never once though that she would let me down.


     I undressed fully.  I had been here before and had not hesitated in placing myself over the bench when instructed and I had already decided that whatever I felt, I would not hesitate this time either, but surprisingly I still felt very calm as I had since the beginning.  It was if I had been in submissive mode ever since Lady P had agreed to see me because I knew that I needed this and I trusted lady P completely and knew that I would be OK.  I was then ordered over the spanking bench and I complied straight away.


     Lady P began to restrain me.  As before, having restrained my legs, Lady P asked if I wanted my arms restrained.  Again I said yes as I didn’t want any distractions.  Lady P then restrained my arms and finally the back restraint was put in place.  This was it, there was no turning back but this time the ‘what have I done’ thought didn’t surface.  It was if I knew without any doubt that I needed this and I had no fear or trepidation at all.


     Lady P said that she was going to start with a heavy one and as before they would be in batches of six.  Lady P then took up her position.  We were ready to go.  I felt the slipper tap on my bottom, there was a short pause, I braced myself and then it landed.  It really stung, more so than I remember from the last time.  I gasped out loud as the sting increased before subsiding.  The second one landed and again I gasped with the sting.  I was now convinced that it was worse this time.  Three and four arrived and again the sting was as bad as the first two.  Lady P then said “It stings more that you remember”.  I said “Yes mam” but I wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t worse this time and that Lady P must have improved on her arsenal of slippers since my last visit.  The final two of the opening salvo arrived, stinging as bad as the first four and also causing me to gasp.  Lady P then said that I would get more of that one later.


     As before Lady P told me to breathe slowly - “deep and slow” she said.  The next six were delivered.  They also stung but not quite as bad as the first six.  During the third batch of six I did lose track of how many I had received.  I was now just concentrating on the next blow.  They were still really stinging and Lady P just kept telling me to breath deep and slow and to breathe through it, which I tried to do.


     The punishment continued with lady P landing the blows in the centre but then she landed a couple higher up and they really hurt.  I cried out and Lady P said “It hurts high up as well” and I said “Yes Mam”.  Lady P then said “Well whose fault is it that you are having to take this?” I said “Mine, Mam” and the punishment continued.  Each blow was really stinging but suddenly Lady P miscued and it didn’t really land properly.  I cried out hoping for a longer respite before the next one but Lady P said “That didn’t hurt” in a ‘don’t give me that’ tone.  I knew then as if I didn’t know before that there’s no fooling Lady P.  I did own up later and we have a bit of a laugh over it.


     The punishment continued and was still really stinging.  I was getting ’into the zone’ as they say.  I became unaware of everything else apart from the slippering and Lady P telling me to breath deep and slow.  At one-point, after a particular stingy blow, Lady P encouraged me by saying “I know that you can take it” and I knew that she was right.


     I didn’t know how many I had received and as we went on and on, even the breaks between each six seemed to disappear.  It seemed like one continuous slippering and after a while I was completely gone and oblivious to anything else in the world.  The only thing that I do remember was at one-point Lady P saying that she was going to deliver one of the batches quickly, which she did.


     The blows continued to come.  It seemed relentless.  I was struggling but coping and breathing slowly and deeply when instructed.  Lady P was covering my entire bottom but I was having a real problem with blows landing high on the right.  Whenever I have received the slipper it has always been from a right handed lady and it must be something to do with having a bigger swing when aiming for the right side but it’s always that side that gets the worst of it and this was no exception.  I got to the stage when I was thinking ‘anywhere but top right’ but I didn’t say anything as I knew that it wouldn’t be the right thing to do and after all, I got myself into this, so I’ve got no recourse to complain.


     I was now in a zone that I'd never been in before, not even during my first Judicial.  I was oblivious to everything and all I was doing was preparing myself for the next blow, which I knew was going to arrive no matter what.  I was not looking ahead or wondering how many more.  I was entirely taken up with trying to prepare myself for the next one.


     I realised the following day that this was how I managed to get through it.  It’s like when you hear football managers and players saying that they only ever take one match at a time.


     This was borne out when after what seemed like an eternity, Lady P finally said that there were "Only three more batches of the slipper to come but don’t forget we’ve still got the strap".  I just concentrated on the next one and not think about counting down.  Following the next two batches Lady P said that she had miscounted (yeh! right). That there had been four batches left, not three and there was still two to come and that they would be heavy ones.  It didn’t matter.  I just concentrated on dealing with the next one.


     Lady P proceeded to administer the last two batches and they still stung.  One of them landed high right and I cried out.  That was the killer and the ‘anywhere but there’ thought returned.  Thankfully the rest were elsewhere and Lady P finished the final batch and stopped.


     I just laid there.  I was completely gone, not even knowing what day of the week it was.  Lady P looked me in the eyes, smiled and said that I had done very well to take it.  She asked if I knew how many batches I had received.  I said slowly “No Mam” at that moment it didn’t seem relevant.  Lady P replied that I had received twenty but I was so far gone and couldn’t even work out how many that was.  All I knew was that I had been slippered senseless and that I was now in a place where nothing mattered.  I wasn’t even concerned about the strapping that I still had to endure.  Lady P said that she was going to administer two different straps and that it I was to receive twelve with each, sets of six from either side.  At that point the number didn’t matter, I just went back to concentrating on the next blow.


     One of the differences between the strap and the slipper is that with the slipper you have an idea as to when the blow is coming as it’s tapped on your bottom first, but there’s no such warning with the strap, it just arrives.


     The first one landed, I had received a taster as a warning at the end of my first Judicial so I had taken it but the shock of it was still the same as before when it did land.  It really hurt and I cried out.  I knew there was nothing I could do so I just continued to prepare myself for the next one and nothing more.  Lady P kept reminding me to breathe slow and deep, which I tried to do.  It shows how far I was gone as the only reason that I knew that I had received five was that Lady P said “Only one more then I’m switching sides”.  I don’t even remember anything about the next six.  The next thing I do remember is Lady P Saying is that she was now changing to the second strap.


     I waited, preparing myself but it landed high, hitting the already sensitive high right area I yelped in pain and strained against my restraints.  Lady P said that the bench was creaking with my straining.  I was gasping, trying to control the pain and it took a fair few seconds for me to calm down.  I still didn’t say anything but the back restraint wasn’t fully tight and I had about half an inch of movement and I tried desperately to raise my bottom to try to persuade Lady P to aim lower but this is where the trust comes in as Lady P knew that hitting that area had become too much and did not to land anymore there.


     The next five landed, (not that I was counting) and then Lady P switched sides and delivered the final six.  I was still sticking to the just prepare myself for the next one policy even when Lady P said “Three to go” and then after Lady P delivered the last one I was still in that mode and it took me a few second to I realised my ordeal was over.  Lady P asked me if I was feeling good, I said “yes mam” and she said “Me too”.


     Lady P said that I had done very well to take it and sounded genuinely sympathetic and even, dare I say, impressed.  She began to remove the restraints, telling me to remain in position.  Lady P then covered me with a blanket and put her hand on my shoulder, telling me to take as long as I needed.  I was still not on planet earth at this time, I remember going to get up, pushing myself up on my arms and then laying back down again.  I did that a couple of times.  It was like I didn’t know what I was doing.


     I don’t know how long I was there but eventually I regained enough of my wits to manage to stand up.  I had the blanket around me and Lady P told me to hold onto the bench for a few seconds and let the blood flow back to my head, which I did.  Lady P then said to look in the mirror at the damage.  I did and it was not as bad as I imagined. I still don’t remember much but I do recall making a comment of feeling like Kenneth Williams playing Caesar in ‘Carry on Cleo’, standing there in my toga and addressing the senate.


     I began dressing but I still wasn’t with it.  I remember looking around for somewhere to sit so that I could put my socks back on. Lady P said to move my clothes off of the chair but I was not all there so I didn’t recall how.  However I manged to find something to perch on.  I don’t even remember dressing but I do remember standing fully clothed, knowing something was amiss but not knowing what until I realised that I hadn’t put my shoes on.  I finished dressing but I was still a bit all over the place then Lady P said “Give me a hug” and I did and the affection that I felt before, returned.  I thanked her once again hugging her tightly.


     Lady P then showed me the straps that she had used.  The first one was a converted belt about one and a half inches’ wide and about three eights of an inch thick but the second one was a proper Canadian Strap.  Three inches wide with small holes in and a quarter of an inch thick.  The type that they used to use for punishments in reformatory schools.  It was probably for the best that I hadn’t seen it beforehand as I might have freaked out but I did manage to take it, although Lady P did say that she wasn’t administering it at full strength and said that I could experience it at maximum if I wanted to, but I said that I believed her completely and politely declined.


     Lady P then opened the door and told me to go and sit in the living room and to be careful of the steps.  I went in and sat down.  Lady P said that she would make us some tea and returned seemingly instantly with tea and Jaffa cakes.  I didn’t realise until later that it must have taken a couple of minutes for the kettle to boil but at the time it seemed that she was back straight away.


     We chatted for about an hour as I slowly came back to my senses.  Lady P reiterated that I had done extremely well to take the punishment in full and that it had been one hundred and twenty with the slipper followed my twenty-four with the strap.  We continued to chat until Lady P reminded me about the time of my bus and I realised that it was time to go.  We hugged again and I continued to thank her.  We moved to the door and we hugged again.  Lady P said to let her know when I needed another session and she would oblige and I finally left and I know that I will be back.


     I don’t remember that much about the journey back as I was feeling very calm and relaxed.  I had to go via Manchester Piccadilly which at 5.00pm of a Friday is usually chaotic but it was like I was oblivious to it all.  Over the weekend and even when I returned to work the following week I still felt that I was immune to all those around me getting stressed.  It’s like it helps you put life into perspective.  Even now I still feel great and I know and have fully accepted that I need this on a regular basis and that I will be back again no matter what.


     This was the longest, hardest but most satisfying session that I’ve ever had, even more so than my first Judicial, as Lady P really pushed my limits but without being sadistic, which is vital in this type scenario.  To be completely honest, although I felt great following my first Judicial, I did feel that I could have taken more but this time I definitely knew that I had received enough.  I don’t know how much further Lady P will push it next time but I absolute trust that she will get it right and I will let you know how it turns out.


     All I can say is that this is the second time that I have submitted myself to this type of punishment and each time it proved to be a very liberating experience.  Unless you have been through it, you cannot really appreciate what it can do for you.  It’s probably something to do with getting the endorphins flowing but whatever it is, it has a very positive effect on your life.  It’s the psychological impact that it has, not the pain or the implements.


     So if you do decide to go for it, which you should, then you must fully commit yourself and have the strength to completely trust someone else and totally give up control.  To accept your summons regardless of what is commands you to do.


     Once you start the session you must comply with everything that you are told to do without question or hesitation.  When asked, confess openly to your crimes and problems and sign the punishment form.  You will then be instructed to undress (in my view you need to be completely naked to be able to totally submit) and to place yourself over the spanking bench.  Then having the courage and trust to lie there waiting whilst you feel the restraints being put on your legs, then watching them being put on your arms and finally feeling the back restraint being put in place, knowing that when it has, there’s no escape from what’s to come and that you are going to receive the full punishment no matter what.  It’s something that you have to experience to fully appreciate because it’s not like you would imagine and to be brutally honest, you cannot say that you have genuinely submitted unless you do.


     So if you have never indulged in this scenario before, especially if you have wondered what it would be like, then I cannot recommend it highly enough because it will take you to a place where you have never been before. As you are restrained, there is no having to hold on or trying to remain in position whilst the punishment is administered, therefore there are no distractions.  It becomes totally surreal; you enter a zone where nothing else in the world matters.  You become divorced from all of life’s stresses and worries and where you have no responsibilities or decisions to make as you are totally engrossed in the punishment.  When it’s over you will feel liberated and de-stressed from all that concerns you.  As I said in my last report, once it was over, I felt that a huge weight had been lifted from me.  I felt great and had a deep affection for Lady P as I had finally found someone who knew, understood and delivered exactly what I needed and I did again the second time as well.


     If you still have doubts, then what I would say to do is what I did. Find a quiet spot, sit down, get calm and then be totally honest with yourself.  If you are reading this, then you clearly recognise that you have a need for CP.  As such, you know deep down that ultimately you need this type of punishment.  You won’t feel fully satisfied until you do and you won’t find anyone better to administer it than Lady Pandora.  And if like me, you don’t like the cane, then Lady P does offer judicial scenarios as she did in my case and can accommodate other implements, the important thing is to experience the scenario of real and total submission.


     I am very glad that I did and that I had the strength and foresight to contact Lady P and to put my trust in her and I feel privileged that I was able to submit myself for this type of punishment.  You only live once so don’t die wondering.  Go for it!  There’s nothing else like it.  It will be one heck of an experience.  Yes it will hurt, I cannot say that it won’t, and it will also be very intense but I promise you won’t regret it.  You will feel better for it and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


     So if this account inspires people to go for it, as my first report did, or even just one person, then it will have been well worth the time that it took me to write it.


     Finally, once again I would like to thank Lady Pandora for having such a profound effect on my life, for being so understanding and delivering what I needed.
Kind Regards


Lady Pandora says:

     Well, I have to firstly say how inordinately proud I am of Mark and the strength he has shown.  He is absolutely right - in order for you to get everything you possibly can from a session you need to relinquish all control - there's that word again!  If you insist on retaining control - even just a little - then you will not be able to get the full catharsis that CP can provide.


     Naturally, for this to happen you must be able to trust your Disciplinarian.  It is vitally important, therefore, that you visit one who not only can earn and hold your trust and respect, but one who genuinely understands your needs and is capable of getting your head into the right place.  There are actually very few Ladies who can do this - most are not actually Disciplinarians, no matter how much they insist they are.  They lack the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to provide you with a completely safe environment in which you can truly relinquish control.


     I am very pleased the session was such a success for Mark and I know he will be back to see me again before too long!