Judicial Punishments

     A Judicial caning session is generally considered to be the ultimate Corporal Punishment experience and is something only a few select and exceptional individuals can (and should) take.  Even if your desire leads you down this path, the chances are overwhelmingly against you being able to take the immense physical and psychological effects of a true Judicial scenario.  For this reason, all Judicial sessions are strictly by Application only.


     But before we go on, it is important you understand the Judicial scenario I carry out is by no means an authentic Judicial as used in other countries as a legal punishment.


     True Judicial canings are carried out by people who are highly trained in martial arts and have the specific intention of scarring the recipient permanently as a lasting physical and psychological deterrent against re-offending.  I personally will never scar anyone for life.  My technique - and intention - is completely different.


     That said, do not for a moment underestimate the power and effect a Judicial Caning will have on you.  For this reason, Judicial Punishments are not for everyone and are most definitely not for anyone who is not very experienced in taking hard canings; nor is it for anyone with a heart condition, a back problem, sciatica, asthma, diabetes or claustrophobia; or anyone who has to take blood thinning medication for any reason without my prior knowledge and consent.


     I always deliver Judicial Punishments under Judicial Rules.  Specifically:

  • There is no warm up of any kind.
  • You will be securely restrained (no exceptions).
  • You will be shown no mercy and there will be no stopping until you have received all of the strokes to which you have been sentenced, plus any additional ones you have earned.
  • Crying, begging for mercy, or any insolence will do nothing but occasion additional full-force strokes (and if you make too much noise I will gag you).
  • All strokes are given at full force.
  • I reserve the right to add additional sets of six strokes until I believe you have made full atonement.

     Because these rules are so strict and harsh, I very rarely agree to carry out this type of caning on a first meeting.  For me to make an exception you would have to satisfy me that you are experienced enough to take such a caning before I would agree to make an appointment with you.  


    What I prefer to do is to deliver a Standard CP session then at the end deliver a short Judicial caning of normally six strokes.


 Alternatively, if you qualify it is possible you may receive a Minor Judicial caning, at the end of which you will receive at my own discretion a minimum of six Full Judicial strokes.


     I feel this is the best way for someone who has never experienced such a punishment before to get an idea of the severity involved but still have the benefit of a warm up first.


     After this, I may agree to carry out a Full Judicial caning if requested and if I feel that you could take one (obviously this will be at another session).


WARNING:  Please think extremely carefully before requesting this sort of scenario; I would strongly suggest that you consider the taster at the end of a session first; or one of the other options mentioned below.  There is nothing more disheartening than building yourself up for something and then hating every minute of it or feeling disappointed because you overestimated your abilities and levels.


     Please ensure that whichever Lady you choose to carry out a Judicial punishment has the experience and knowledge to ensure your complete safety.  A Lady who is prepared to carry out a Judicial punishment without having first played with you - unless, of course, you can prove that you are experienced enough to take one - is one I personally would avoid.


     This scenario has the potential to be dangerous if not carried out by someone sufficiently proficient and experienced.


     I offer three levels of Judicial Caning.  Please read the descriptions below very carefully and be honest with yourself with regard to which one best suits your requirements and your capabilities.

     You might like to read some real-life reviews of Judicial sessions by following the links below.  

Full Judicial Caning

     The Full Judicial caning is, for most, the last word in Corporal Punishment and is the most severe and intense caning you will ever experience, short of the real thing at the hands of the authorities in certain parts of the world where such canings are given out as sentences for crimes or misdemeanours.


     The Full Judicial is far heavier than a Punishment caning and will have a deep, profound and lasting effect on you.  It is a caning you should never, ever forget.


Preparation and Arrival
     Preparation begins in the days before the session when I send you a Summons which you must respond to.


     When you arrive, we will go straight into the session.  There will be no friendly greeting or chit-chat.  You are here to receive your sentence, and that is exactly what you will get.  Once the last strap is tightened, there will be no possibility of changing your mind or backing out, just as with a real legal punishment.  Please consider this before asking for this level of punishment.


     Once in the Punishment Room, you will present me with your confession (preferably I will have seen this prior to the session).  You will be interrogated and I will then read out my verdict and sentence, which will be a minimum of 24 full-force strokes of either a half-bark Malacca or Tohiti cane.


     I will then instruct you to remove your trousers and shoes as a minimum, and will securely restrain you either to my Fetters bench or to my cream bench.  This is both for your own safety (to prevent you moving and receiving a mis-hit) and to ensure you have no option but to receive the full sentence.  Remember - there are no exceptions to this rule.  The Punishment is very severe and after the first stroke you will quite possibly want it to stop.  By being restrained, you will not have this choice and escape is impossible.


     I will then leave you to consider your fate with the cane in full view for a while until I am ready to carry out your punishment.  It is common at this point for many people to realise the true nature of what is about to happen to them.  It is one thing to imagine being utterly helpless and waiting for a merciless and unrelenting Punishment caning, but it is entirely another actually to be there.
The Caning
     I will carry out the minimum sentence in its entirety, delivering each stroke with maximum force, and announcing each one clearly before it is delivered.


     There is no safe word and you will receive no mercy and I will not stop until I have delivered at least the minimum sentence.  If you do not take your punishment stoically, I may add extra strokes or even choose to begin again.


     Please remember you will receive no warm-up of any kind and so you will feel each stroke of the cane far more than would normally be the case.  I will deliver the last stroke just as hard as the first and I will not stop until I have delivered every stroke, plus any extra strokes I have awarded you.


     I will leave sufficient time between each stroke for you to recover.  This not only allows you to prepare yourself for the next stroke, but also ensures you feel each stroke fully.  I promise, you will not go numb!


     I will monitor your body language and, as with all of my sessions, I will encourage you and coach you in your breathing throughout.  If you think you cannot take this level of Punishment, do not submit yourself to a Judicial Caning.


     When the punishment is completed, I will free you from your restraints and, once it is safe to do so, I will help you from the bench and offer you refreshments, giving you time to recover before you leave.


     Depending on the number of strokes I give you, the session can actually take quite a while to execute.

Minor Judicial

     I have designed the Minor Judicial for those who have experience with Punishment canings and who need to experience a Judicial, but who may not be able to take the physical punishment of a Full Judicial.


     You will still receive the full psychological and emotional impact differentiating this scenario from a standard Punishment Caning, but it will be at a physical level most people who have received a hard caning before can take.  It is also an excellent way for both of us to assess your suitability for progression to a Full Judicial in the future should that be your wish.


     I will consider Applications for a Minor Judicial on an individual basis and you will need to be able to convince me that you are capable of withstanding a cold, hard Punishment Caning.


     You will receive a minimum of 24 Punishment strokes from cold.  As with the Full Judicial, there will be no warm up and, while I may not use a Judicial cane, the strokes will still be very severe.  You will again be fully restrained to either the Fetters or the cream bench, both for your own safety and also to ensure you receive the full sentence without interruption or delay.


     Please note that Full Judicial rules will apply throughout and while this is not as severe as a Full Judicial, it is still far more severe than a Standard Punishment caning.


     Once I have delivered the strokes to which you have been sentenced I will, at my discretion, deliver at least six Full Judicial strokes with the half-bark Malacca or Tohiti cane.


     These strokes will be full-force and delivered under Judicial Rules, but because you will have been warmed up by the Punishment you have just received, they will be more bearable than Full Judicial strokes delivered cold.

Judicial Scenarios

     This option is for people who wish to undergo a Judicial Scenario but who cannot or do not wish to take a Judicial-level Punishment; or you might want a different implement to be used.  I see nothing wrong with enacting the role play without a Full Judicial caning, as you will see by reading Mark's reviews.


     Therefore, you will receive a Full Judicial scenario but with a Punishment matching your requirements and capabilities.


     This may, depending on what you require, include a warm up and the strokes will not be at full force, but will otherwise be conducted under Judicial Rules.