John's Review

     I should point out that I've completed most of the work in the past two weeks in record breaking time.  I don't think I've worked this hard on an engineering project since I was at college.  I do remember the six strokes of the cane you demonstrated on my unprepared bottom.  That is certainly a very good incentive to get things done in a timely manner.  Like I mentioned in one of my recent emails, I have nightmares about being strapped over your bench, you with cane in hand, and me completely at your mercy.  As you threatened, reality could be just around the corner.


     I'm not slowing down but taking your advice to work hard to the end.  Once I've completed this part of the project I'll update you and forward information to you ref: Next stage.
     When you consider my punishment, I trust you will take into account the hard work I have done during the past two weeks. (John had failed to reach his deadline and so will be called to account at our next meeting!).


     It's actually getting motivated to get off my lazy behind that has been the problem for some time now.  I mentioned that I was arrogant and a spoiled brat.  I believe that this attitude is the result of being the owner for many years of a successful company.  I became so used to having people run around after me and at my beck and call, I got away from reality.  In the real world, you have to think and do most things for yourself.  Having started on this project I've been pretty much out of touch with the real world.  I've always been a very hard worker and would describe myself as a typical workaholic.  The lack of willingness is not the problem, it's the self discipline that is required to get the job done that is lacking.  I'm easily distracted and my attention span is short.


     When you came on board and set deadlines with consequences for failure I started to take note and became considerably motivated and productive.  Since our first meeting nearly five years ago, I've always had the impression that you could be a hard taskmaster and would expect your direction to be followed implicitly or be prepared to face the consequences.  In addition, you can be quite intimidating at times.  I imagine this impression has developed because of your vast experience and devotion to CP.  When you direct me to do something I've pretty much accepted that if I fail to deliver or do not meet your standards, I'll be punished.


     You did warn me that for this scenario to work, the threats have to become reality.  Just the thought of having to endure serious punishment from you, really gets my attention and instills in me the kind of self discipline that is required.  I certainly do take note when you make demands of me.  This Programme seems to have worked so far without me having to even endure the spanking that I'm sure you have in store for me.  The results you have pushed me to make are far beyond what I was achieving before you got involved.


Lady Pandora says:

     So much for the naysayers who believe this sort of thing cannot and does not work when combined with CP!  The above just goes to prove that just because not everyone is capable of providing this service, that does not mean it cannot be done!  It is all part of the Pandora Discipline Method, which I have created and perfected over the past thirty plus years.