Brian's Review

     I have visited Lady Pandora a number of times over the past few years and experienced both role-play and reality scenarios in which I always ended up renewing my acquaintance with her Fetters Bench.  I recently decided that it might be helpful to me to lose a few pounds (or 50) by dieting and attending her for regular weigh-ins in an attempt to reduce my status from Morbidly Obese to that of simply Obese and see where we went from there.  Needless to say it was to be a cold caning across my bare bottom although the word cold was euphemistic and extremely inaccurate.


The reward per lb lost would be 2 strokes of the cane aiming at a loss of 2 lbs per week over the periods between being weighed.  Should I not achieve this I was to receive Six Of The Best (OTB) for each lb missed.  We talked at length about meals and snacks etc. before she decided that I would receive an incentive(?) 24 strokes cold on the initial weighing which took place on Feb 20th.  


     Next visit 7 weeks later weight loss 14 lbs.  Just as planned over the bench for 28 strokes rounded up to 30 because she just wanted to!!


     However, the next 7 weeks included 2 holiday weeks which proved quite a set back as I lost 9 lbs only so received the grand total of 18 + 30 OTB = 48.


     Sadly Lady P paid no attention to my protestations that I be allowed 2 weeks grace.  In addition to which, she started with the 5 x 6 OTB first, which did more than tickle my tail and I resolved to take more care not to over-indulge with treats.


     Having survived beyond my three score and ten, it is becoming difficult to maintain such strict control and when I saw her little addition to my notes suggesting 3 lbs per week not 2 I almost threw in the towel.  I have continued along the original plan of 2 lbs but if the change is to be adhered to (without prior discussion) I will be experiencing a very painful interlude in a few weeks and maybe end of programme.  Watch this space!!


Third visit: Oh, Oh.  Stripped and onto the scales.  Nervous wait.  Loss of 12 lbs.  Sounds good but Lady P was treating this as week 8 and not 7 or 71/2 as scheduled.  So 16 lbs FOUR lbs short.  Easy calculation 12 x 2 + 4 x 6 OTB = 48 strokes.  As previous visit.  I plaintively suggested she use her straps this time (less severe) and she offered a compromise - half with leather half with the cane.  (I think she felt that she was being generous!)  Thankfully the 3 lbs per week and all that entailed was a tease?  Ha Ha I got a stitch from laughing!


     I had forgotten how stinging those belts could be.  12 with a heavy tawse then her fabled prison straps.  Good heavens, she offered me a choice of these expecting me to make a sensible decision when restrained like a squashed fly!  She then decided on 6 with the standard prison strap and then 6 with the heavy prison strap.  No choice obviously.  Then on with the canes.  Thankfully the strapping had warmed me up but the stingy followed by the thuddy completed my reward.  It was a very hot day in more ways than one.  At least it hadn't been doubled !!


     One more session. 3 1/2 stone or 50 lbs means another loss of 15 lbs then it will be finished (or I will!).  I will aim for my target and hope I will make it exactly in 8 weeks.  Losing weight means my trousers slip down too easily.  Better get a tighter pair for next time.


Bottoms up!!


Lady Pandora says:

LOL I have to say Brian has done incredibly well and, at the time of writing, has actually completed his Programme and achieved his required 50lbs weight loss on time.


     However, I feel I need to explain that my noting of the change "without prior discussion" from 2 to 3 pounds per week was as a result of Brian deciding not to take the Programme as seriously as I thought he should.  Brian can be quite cavalier at times and instead of using the Programme as an opportunity to re-educate himself and his stomach into a healthier lifestyle, thought that instead he could crash diet on some weeks to catch up so that he could indulge at other times.  I had no intention of changing the targets - that would be unfair and would not have worked.  I did, however, need to give him something to think about and to focus him a bit more!  Clearly this worked, even though he was less than amused - oh dear, how sad, never mind!


     The good thing about Bespoke Programmes is they are tailor-made to the individual and the circumstances surrounding each specific case.  Regular reviews are essential so that things can be tweaked if necessary.  Also, a Bespoke Programme can have absolutely anything as its goal and I do lovely diversity!