Bespoke Programmes

     These are, as the name implies, tailor-made for you.


     Are you looking for a programme of increasing punishments? Are you looking to explore a set of scenarios or implements over a period of time? Do you require an on-going programme which includes counselling to help address issues in your life, either present and past?


     Do you need someone to supply the discipline in your lifestyle that is missing and that you yourself are unable to implement?


     Are you having difficulties in meeting deadlines? Or perhaps with health and weight? Perhaps you over-indulge with alcohol.  Do you suffer from depression?


     Do you require help with your work schedule? Are you finding that you are not meeting deadlines; or perhaps you are not as productive as you would like to be. Do you find yourself procrastinating instead of being productive?


     Perhaps you are looking to learn about a DD-based lifestyle or you would like to get your partner involved and are unsure how to go about it.


     Maybe you want to learn how to carry out CP with your partner; how to take control; roleplaying, etc. - I can teach you all you need to know.


     Or perhaps you are new to CP and want to learn about various implements; what CP can do for you; which implements you prefer or dislike; what your levels are (and build them up if required); the psychology of CP; what is safe and what is not; and every facet of CP.
Whatever the reason, I can tailor a programme to your specific requirements.


     Programmes comprise no less than four sessions and can be open-ended. The first meeting will possibly be longer than two hours to ensure that everything that needs to be discussed is dealt with and an agreement is in place. As always, there will be no rush and you will have my undivided attention until we have come to that agreement. After that, however, it will depend on your needs and preferences. It might be that a mixture of different length sessions will work best for you. Talk to me and we will work it out together.


     Please note that all Bespoke Programmes will require a deposit which will be credited to the final session in your Programme. This will provide an added incentive for you to stay the course!


     If any of the above – or any other reason you might have – strikes a chord with you, please contact me for further information.


     If you would like to read some real-life reviews of the Bespoke Programmes, please follow the links below.