So you want to play, do you?  Then the first thing you need to do is join The Sanctum and get to know me better.


     The most important thing is to make sure that you get exactly what you need from a session and to do that, you need to follow certain steps, which are outlined in my Twelve Steps to Your Perfect Session emails to The Sanctum.


     Next you need to decide what type of session you require; I offer several and basic details can be found below.


     Do you want role-play?  If so, which one?  How realistic do you want it?


      What sort of setting do you want - Domestic (Living room)?  Schoolroom?  Court?  Office?  These are just a few examples.


     What is your motivation?  Do you just have a desire to be spanked or caned or is it an actual need?  Do you require a genuine reason?  Is it play to you or is it punishment?   How serious are you about CP?  


     Once you have worked out the answers to these questions and more, you will be on your way to having the best possible session.


     To find out more about the sessions I offer, follow the links below.