About Lady Pandora

     I am widely acknowledged as among the very best and most knowledgeable in the country, implementing the Pandora Discipline Method which I have developed during 37 years' lifestyle experience and more than 19 years as a professional Disciplinarian.  You can, therefore, rest assured you are in the right place.

     I offer pure, traditional English-style Discipline which includes OTK spanking, slipper, hairbrush, tawse, straps, the birch, and canes.  I enjoy playing at all levels, from complete beginner to Judicial, with or without role play.  All right, let's be honest here... I just love to play and I actually need to play as much as you do!

     I also have an excellent reputation for providing tuition to both individuals and couples in administering CP, role play, mind play and lifestyle choices based on Domestic Discipline, whether in a one-off session or as an on-going Bespoke Programme.  I also teach and mentor professional ladies who wish to learn more about CP and how to administer it; as well as how to carry out a successful session, etc.  I may consider taking on a mentoring role with a non-professional Disciplinarian on occasion.

     My sessions can also train recipients to take more and I will coach you throughout to help you to work out precisely what you need as opposed to what you think you want!

     I describe myself as a Disciplinarian because that is what I am.  I do not offer BDSM; nor do I cater for sissy maids or people looking to get their jollies or wanting tie & tease.  This is my lifestyle; it is not wise to insult or annoy me.  If you do not take CP seriously, then do not contact me.

     Before proceeding any further, you should be aware that I am that rare creature - a naturally dominant Lady.  So, be absolutely certain that you really do want to give up control for the duration of our meeting – you will not have any choice once we commence play.  I am neither a 'service top', nor a 'hooker with a whip'.  Once play commences I will take full control, and you will cede it gladly.

     I do not play with a safe word as I believe it rather defeats the object. However, due to several people recently trying to insist that I allow a safe word, I have decided to compromise: you may have a safe word so long as I can nail you to the door frame by the scrotum rather than fasten you to a bench! Getting the message? Splendid.

     I also offer nothing sexual - not even DIY!  Neither this nor the option of a safe word are open to negotiation, so please do not try.

     If you do not see what you are looking for mentioned on this site, I do not offer it.  Please therefore go elsewhere to someone who will suit your requirements better.

The Pandora Discipline Method

     I have my own way of carrying out CP which is unique to me.  I have developed it over the last thirty-plus years and have yet to meet someone it does not work for!


     With my background in psychology I am able to take you to places that not many others cannot achieve; and my ability to cane from both sides with equal accuracy and severity adds a whole new dimension to your experience.


     I have quite an intense style of play and, because I am communicating with you throughout the session, you will be able to completely hand over control and get to the place you need to be.


     My sessions are (within reason) not timed.  Some people require 45 minutes, others an hour and a quarter.  The important thing is that the session finishes at the right time for you, i.e. when you have gained all you can from it.


     You will be given notice that the session is soon to end so you have time to prepare.  You will have my undivided attention throughout not only the session, but during the whole of your time with me.  You will be able to relax knowing I will take good care of you before, during and after play.