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Are you new to CP, BDSM or Caning? Would you like to learn how to use implements safely and properly? Are you getting the best possible results? Would you like to be more accurate?  Do you want to learn how to spank or slipper effectively? Do you need advice on the best type of cane, birch, slipper, strap, tawse, etc. to use? Would a lesson help the confidence of both you and your sub/bottom? Can you read body language effectively?  Would you like to learn how to use roleplay to its best advantage?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then perhaps you would benefit from private tuition. Whilst I do not consider myself to be a world authority, I do have 30 years experience in the scene and have taught many of the switch ladies on the professional scene in the North-West. I take great pride in my accuracy and in the knowledge I have gained during that time and am more than happy to share the benefits with others.

Many people seem to think they can pick up a cane and, hey presto, they’re a Dom(me).  Unfortunately, for example a cane is, basically, a lump of wood  and serious damage can be done if you are not aware of certain things.

It is very difficult for newcomers to gain the experience they need; and nothing is more off-putting to a sub/bottom that a Top/Dom(me) who cannot use implements safely ro effectively. A lesson can be an excellent source of knowledge and experience.

What about Roleplay? Would you like to enhance your skills in an area that can bring so much more to your scenes?

And how much do you know about the psychology between a Top and a bottom?  Do you sometimes find that you sub/bottom likes to top from the bottom?  Any form of “domination” is at least 90% cerebral.  Are you getting the very best from your play times?

Please email me or call to discuss your requirements. 


Email:         Tel: 07759 428 734


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