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School scenarios can take many forms, invoking childhood memories of when teachers were real dragons and actually knew how to teach.

Perhaps you have been called to detention for a misdemeanour. The detention will take place in my schoolroom, equipped with school desks, stools and blackboard. You may have to complete a lesson or some lines or other boring task; and will definitely receive a stern talking to prior to your punishment. If you have been lazy, you may be required to do a PE lesson in the “gym”, complete with vaulting horse.

Authentic punishments will be meted out, including OTK spanking, slipper, plimsol, tawse and cane, as well as corner time and others.

Sessions often end with a softening of attitude towards you … unless you request otherwise!

You may prefer a Victorian/Edwardian Governess; a detention with the Head Girl or a Matron who might even give you a dose of Castor Oil!

It might be that a school scenario is combined with a domestic scenario and you may well find yourself sent home with a note, where further punishment will take place from Auntie.





School Reviews

Click on the links below to read reviews of real sessions.

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