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I would like to start by saying that this is a very specific scenario, quite unlike a normal CP session. For the majority of people, it should always remain a fantasy, as it is quite a traumatic experience for some people and is extremely severe - both physically and psychologically.

The idea of a judicial caning is that the minimum punishment is agreed in advance and is carried out in its entirety. You arrive and we go straight into the session. You will present me with your confession (preferably I will have seen this prior to the session), you will be interrogated and I will read out my verdict and the punishment. You are then told to remove your trousers and shoes and you are tied very securely to a bench. I will then leave you to consider your fate until I am ready to carry out the punishment.

The caning is done using a Singapore cane with maximum force, each stroke being announced before it is delivered. The whole punishment is carried out to its conclusion, with no safe word and no mercy. This means that, no matter how much you cry, scream, beg for mercy etc., I will ignore this and continue until the whole punishment has been delivered; I may even add extra strokes for failing to take your punishment stoically.

It must be taken into consideration that there is no warm-up of any kind and so each stroke of the cane is felt much more than would normally be the case. I take note of your body language and leave sufficient time between each stroke for you to recover. This not only allows you to prepare yourself for the next stroke, but also ensures that you feel each stroke fully.

When the punishment is completed, you are untied and I will offer you refreshments and time to recover before you leave. Depending on the amount of strokes given (minimum is normally 24), the session actually takes quite a while to execute.

This punishment is not for everyone and is most definitely not for anyone who is not very experienced in taking hard canings; nor is it for anyone with a heart condition, a back problem, asthma, diabetes or claustrophobia; or anyone who has to take blood thinning medication for any reason.

It is very rare that I will agree to carry out this type of scenario on a first meeting. What I prefer to do is to have a normal CP session, then at the end deliver a short judicial caning of normally six strokes. This will be on top of the normal CP session. I feel this is the best way for someone who has never experienced such a punishment before to get an idea of the severity involved but still have the benefit of a warm up first. After this, I may agree to carry out a proper judicial caning if requested (obviously this will be at another session). This approach has the added benefit that, should you decide you hate it, I will stop without completing the six strokes.

Please think extremely carefully before requesting this sort of scenario; I would strongly suggest that you consider the taster at the end of a session first. There is nothing more disheartening than building yourself up for something and then hating every minute of it or feeling disappointed because you overestimated your abilities/levels. Please ensure that whichever Lady you choose to carry out a Judicial punishment has the experience and knowledge to ensure your complete safety. A Lady who is prepared to carry out a Judicial punishment without having first played with you - unless, of course, you can prove that you are experienced enough to take one - is one I personally would avoid. This scenario has the potential to be dangerous if not carried out by someone sufficiently proficient and experienced.


Judicial Review

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