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James - SR

Despite having a little experience I felt the usual nervousness knocking on the door at Lady Pandora’s house. However, this was instantly dispelled with a most friendly welcome. I was invited through to sit down, relax and have a cup of tea. In order to start getting into the role I asked if I could change straight away into my school uniform and a couple of minutes later was sitting on the sofa in very short shorts and knee socks drinking tea and talking about the session to come.

I had sent a lengthy email describing how I saw the session progressing and Lady Pandora went through it in detail. The script required her to adopt two characters, alternating throughout: a strict headmistress who would deal out hard punishments and a kind, sympathetic but firm teacher who would discuss my wrongdoings and punishments, preparing me for each phase of the session. Lady Pandora’s performance was perfect, and her understanding of my psychological needs, both intuitive and from initial discussion, was very impressive. Having received part of my education in Scotland I was keen to experience the tawse and was shown a genuine Lochgelly XH that was later going to be used on my hands. Part of my psychology came from being made to wear shorts to a relatively advanced age and being given the tawse on my bare legs in Scotland. Lady Pandora listened to the descriptions of my experiences and understood how to give me what I needed in the session.

The session started with me being taken to the classroom. Lady Pandora led me to the classroom and showed me her senior cane and some lighter tawses. I was really starting to get in to the role and my knees were starting to feel weak at the thought of what was to come. I was sat down at my desk and the feel of a hard wooden chair against the backs of my legs had me right back in school.

Although the different parts of the session were quite defined, the order they would come in were at random through the use of sealed envelopes opened in turn. Each punishment was based on a true wrongdoing from my school days.

The first part was my sympathetic teacher, Miss Bell, arriving to prepare me for the session. She instructed me in how to behave and present myself and standards of dress before leaving. While she was out of the room I slightly disarrayed my tie, adjusted a knee sock and partially untied a shoe lace to see what would happen. Lady Pandora was very firm. I was instructed to write a dictation on the philosophy of the school punishment and was then tawsed on the hands with the light tawse. For fidgeting in prayers I had to balance a pencil on a raised leg for a set amount of time. Despite my best efforts to keep still the pencil fell early, earning strokes of the tawse on my bottom. At this stage I was informed that sloppy dress had earned me extra and I was bent over the desk to take my strokes. They were hard and set off a good sting.

My next punishment was for flicking my tie at girls’ legs on the way home from school. Miss Bell made me choose my own punishment, which was three on the back of each leg with the tawse. This wasn’t enough and I was persuaded to increase this to three on the front of each leg too. Soon enough, Lady Pandora returned to administer the punishment. I was made to lie across my desk, legs apart and the tawse lashed against the tops of my thighs. This really stung. I was then required to sit on the desk to receive strokes on the tops of the legs. By now, my thighs were well marked and stinging as I sat at my desk and waiting for the next one.

Before I knew it Miss Bell was berating me for a minor theft at school that I had allowed a girl to take the blame for. She received three of the best on each hand and I was told I was to receive six. It was a very nervous wait for Lady Pandora who then picked up the XH Lochgelly and ordered me to hold out my hands. I’d never seen a teacher use the polished side of the tawse at school, as Lady Pandora did, and the pain was unbelievable. My hands swelled up and bruising appeared. The last one or two on each hand were absolute hell and I really knew I’d been punished.

Next was a punishment for cheating at tests to avoid punishment. I was made to sit cross legged on my desk and my legs and hands restrained. The tawse (three tailed) was going to be used on my inner thighs but I could reduce the punishment to zero by getting every one of 24 arithmetic questions right. The questions were all made on a spreadsheet using random numbers and I had never seen them before. In practice I had tended to get half of similar questions wrong so I would have to do well to get better than 12 strokes. With my legs already sore I tried my best and got 14 right. Expecting five on each leg, ten in total, I was shocked when Lady Pandora told me I was going to get ten on EACH leg. I had nowhere to go and had to take many strokes. The pain really built up and at the end the tops of my legs were very marked and swollen.

The final punishment was a caning for a very bad piece of behaviour at school. Miss Bell showed me the cane while I was still sitting on my desk. I laid it across my thighs and imagined it lashing against my bottom. This made the butterflies start! The choice was shorts without underpants or just underpants. I chose the shorts and then I was made to lie over my desk and my wrists were tied to the desk legs. The wait for Lady Pandora was daunting and my knees shook as I heard the footsteps approaching. There was a short lecture, including the terrifying warning that should I made a sound the caning would begin again. Then the caning began. The strokes were hard and very accurate. A tremendous stinging built up in my bottom and Lady Pandora laid on the strokes, alternating three on each side. At one point I held my breath and was instructed to keep breathing. Good advice! The instructions were that my shorts could be taken down if my behaviour during the punishment merited it. After about six strokes Lady Pandora made a move to do this, but it was awkward due to my position to get at the belt around my shorts and she elected to leave them on. I was extremely relieved.

When the caning was over I was made to sit at my desk. A plastic mat was on my chair and this pressed against my bottom and the backs of my legs as I wrote twenty lines. My hands were so sore from the tawse that it was difficult to write, and then it was all over.

Then Lady Pandora took me through to the living room and made another cup of tea. We then talked through the session. The overriding feeling for me was total satisfaction. Lady Pandora had satisfied the psychological side in a way that no other had managed. Her punishments were expertly administered and her role play was truly excellent. As a person she was extremely kind, caring and perceptive. I will definitely be returning and can give my wholehearted recommendation.


Lady Pandora's Reply

From James's emails and the talk we had prior to playing, it was clear that if the psychological side didn't work the whole session would be unsuccessful. James had a very specific scenario, but I still managed to throw him from time to time. The most difficult part for me was playing two roles at once - I forgot to take my glasses off at one point! Punishments to the legs is NOT something I do without specific request; three weeks later, James still has some noticeable marks.

James has mentioned that I used the polished side of the tawse. The reasons for this are that it stings more than the rough side and it is also easier to clean as it is smooth.

James sent some helpful comments with his Review, among which was one which leads me to believe he will receive a harder caning next time! Silly boy!


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