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Do you have a real need to

receive Corporal Punishment? 

     To be spanked, strapped, tawsed, caned?  To perhaps indulge in a role play in order to get that CP?  If so, well done!  You have come to the right place.       Whether you are a complete beginner, somewhat experienced or seeking the “ultimate in CP” -  a Judicial Caning - I can cater for your needs, using the Pandora Discipline Method (PDM).      You understand how important it is that when you engage in CP, you get  precisely what you personally need.  The perfect session is tailored to you as an  individual, taking into account your specific needs; and is designed to ensure that  you leave with with a feeling of achievement and satisfaction.    You want an accomplished Disciplinarian who can get inside your head which is, after all, where any decent  session begins and ends.  You realise that you need to feel the anticipation, excitement and fear that  comes with knowing you are about to get the thrashing you need and deserve from a highly experienced,  intuitive, empathic Disciplinarian; yet you want to know that you are in trustworthy, capable hands which will  look ensure that your levels and limits are respected while taking control from you so that you can get the  catharsis you seek.         You want to be taken into uncharted territory when the occasion demands it, yet still feel safe.  You want  someone who will listen to you without judging; someone who has sufficient knowledge and experience to  be able to understand you, even if you’re not sure that you understand yourself!  You want to be sure that  the Disciplinarian of your choice not only listens but has a deep comprehension of your needs.       You need to be able to relax and hand over control for a set amount of time and not have to worry about  a thing.  You know it is imperative that the Disciplinarian of your choice knows what she is about; she is  skilled, accurate, safe, can read your body language and can deliver what she says she can - the Pandora  Discipline Method (PDM) guarantees that you can be assured of all of this.         Why not join the Sanctum to find out how you can be sure of this.       So what are you waiting for?  Read on!    The Sanctum  Join The Sanctum free to receive regular emails on a variety of topics.  You will receive 12 Steps to Your  Perfect Session as well as on-going daily Broadcasts Monday to Friday.   I will even keep a check on when  you are next due for a session and let you know!  Be among the first to know - simply register using the  form below.    Just in case you can’t be bothered to read my site fully ... Please note that I do not practice BDSM professionally - only CP is being offered; I do not offer ‘happy endings’ or anything else of a sexual nature.
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